The logo relates to a number of important principles of Tai Chi Chuan. We hope that the logo will serve as a constant reminder for our students in their training. Sing Ong Tai Chi


The symbol of the Yin and Yang is an integral part of Tai Chi Chuan and the philosophy behind it. The black and the white represent opposites which undergo constant change, yet always remain in perfect balance. In Tai Chi Chuan, every movement has Yin and Yang. In our practice, we must strive to know ourselves so that we can understand where the Yin and Yang are within our movements and to keep both aspects in balance.


Several circles are incorporated into the logo. Circular movement is crucial in Tai Chi Chuan. Every joint of the body represents a circle in its range of movement. The following lines are taken from the “Secret of the Free Circle”. The technique of the free circle is most difficult to master, up, down, following and joining, it is infinitely marvellous. If we can entice the opponent into our circle, then the technique of “four ounces repelling a thousand pounds” will succeed. When the maximum power of the hands and feet arrive together seeking a straight line to the side, then our advantage from the free circle will not be wasted. If we want to know the method of the circle, we must first find the correct point to issue from and the correct target, and then we will accomplish our task.