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Martial Applications

There is more to the peaceful movements of Tai Chi than meets the eye. With correct training, Tai Chi can also be a highly effective martial art. Every motion is based on principles of efficient movement and self-defence. These co-ordinated and balanced movements may be used by competent Tai Chi practitioners to defend themselves effectively against any attack. In application, the movements match the speed of the opponent. During practice, the movements are kept slow in order to attain precision of movement, calmness and balance. Greater self-awareness will enable you to harness the structure of your body for improved leverage and mobility. Unlike many other martial arts, Tai Chi does not rely on brute muscular strength and speed. Tai Chi relies on skill and accuracy. It is a non-aggressive alternative for people who wish to learn self-defence.

Our Philosophy

Even if martial ability is not one of your goals, we believe that training accurately and with an intent to discover the true meaning of the movements will make learning Tai Chi more rewarding. Tai Chi is a fascinating pastime. For many people it becomes a hobby which stays with them for the rest of their lives. It is enjoyable to learn, and there is always something new to discover about yourself or the art. It is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. We aim to make Tai Chi easy for everyone to learn by explaining the art clearly and without reference to supernatural abilities. Our teaching style is open, and we give everyone the opportunity to achieve the highest level. We encourage students to aim for martial skill, but students with any goal are welcome. If you would like to experience Tai Chi, the best way to do it is to come and have a look at a class or to participate in a seminar.


Sing Ong is the given name of Professor Yek. However, it is also more than just a name. In English, Sing Ong means “Grace of God”. Professor Yek has called his school “Sing Ong”, not in honour of himself, rather to indicate that Tai Chi Chuan is a universal art. In Tai Chi Chuan there is a greater goal than just martial accomplishment, as we also seek to improve ourselves.


Our lineage runs from the Yang family through Professor Cheng Man Ching and Professor Huang Sheng Shyan. Professor Yek Sing Ong, the chief instructor of Sing Ong Tai Chi, learnt from Professor Huang Sheng Shyan for more than 30 years. He is recognised as being one of Professor Huang’s top students, and now continues the tradition of teaching quality Tai Chi Chuan. Professor Yek won the first South-East Asia Push hands Competition held in Taiwan in 1974. He and his students have also won the top prizes for their forms in other Tai Chi Chuan competitions. Professor Yek is respected worldwide for his Tai Chi Chuan skill, and he has travelled overseas to give seminars in Europe, Asia and North America. Professor Yek is a qualified Chinese Physician, an expert in Qigong and Fujian Bai He Chuan, and also has an interested in Chinese calligraphy, antiques and art.