An overview of Tai Chi History, Philosophy and its Roots

What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi means as great as it can possibly be, and as deep as it can possibly be; the “Supreme Ultimate”. Tal Chi practitioners should discipline themselves to be spiritual, healthy, kind and intelligent. They should be responsible and accountable for providing and assisting others to higher levels, to reach the truth. 1972 Tai Chi is the development of Chi (life force) in the human body. This in conjunction with mastering the balancing powers of Yin and Yang makes Tai Chi a very powerful art of self defence. Without proper instruction or training, the true meaning of Tai Chi will be lost. This aspect of the art is not something one can acquire without patience and continual, regular training.


A Brief History Of Tai Chi

In brief summary, the origin of Tai Chi dates back to Chang San-Feng. The modelling of the bird fighting with the snake is a common story told in various versions. It was Yang Lu Chan who was famous for his Tai Chi feats. Our Tai Chi heritage came from Yang Cheng Fu whose famous student was Cheng Man-Ching. Cheng Man-Ching’s famous student in South East Asia was Huang Sheng Shyan. Which brings us to Yek Sing Ong.

Professor Yek Sing Ong

1987 Yek Sing Ong started learning Tai Chi from Huang Sheng Shyan in 1962. Under his tutelage Yek Sing Ong today carries on the tradition of promoting Tai Chi in its true form. Over the Years he has become renowned in Asia for his expertise. In 1973 he won the South East Asia Tul Shou tournament held in Taiwan. All events at the Sarawak (East Malaysia) Tai Chi Martial Arts Championship were won by his students. He is also an expert in Naiwaitankung (Qi Gong) and is a qualified Chinese Physician and Acupuncturist. His specialty is healing using Tai Chi energy.

What makes Sing Ong Tai Chi different?

Sing Ong Tai Chi should best be used for the cultivation of one’s health. However, its martial aspects are also emphasised in the practice of the art form. By training correctly. one can grasp the precise timing and application of the movements. This allows one to neutralise and invalidate any attack to give you the upper hand to control and counter attack. To learn Tai Chi without learning its true application is like buying a fake diamond all the while thinking that it is real. The challenge of the Sing Ong Tal Chi training system is to master its martial application as well as its enhancement for good health.

Grandmaster Huang Sheng Shyan