• Students respect one another and the instructors
  • Students bow to the instructor on arrival, at the beginning of the class and when leaving
  • More senior students stand at the front of the class, beginners at the back
  • Bow to the instructor and clap to show your appreciation at the end of class
  • If you do arrive late, bow at the entrance and quietly join in with what the class is doing
  • Always act in a manner that is a credit to the school – students strive to be good representatives of Sing Ong Tai Chi
  • Do not speak badly of others
  • Strive to be a kind, humble, respectful and forgiving person
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  • Help to nurture a productive learning environment
  • Arrive 15 minutes early so that the class can start on time
  • Constantly seek to improve your Tai Chi
  • Diligently practice between classes what you have learnt
  • Review your movements when there is the opportunity
  • Ask questions until you understand
  • If you are falling behind, let us know so that we can help you to catch up
  • Be a role models for other students
  • Do not abuse the skills you learn for wrongful purposes
  • Conduct yourself in a responsible and ethical manner


  • Students respect the customs of the school
  • No smoking, eating or drinking is permitted in class
  • Do not seek confrontation – aggressiveness and bad language are prohibited
  • No cameras or video recorders are permitted without prior consent.
  • Students must not disrupt the class or other student’s learning
  • Do not be violent or try to injure your classmates
  • Students must be well presented, tidy and clean
  • The correct uniform (t-shirt, track pants and flat-soled shoes) must be worn
  • Jewelery and watches should not be worn during class
  • Students must pay their fees on time

Any student may be dismissed without refund if the class instructor considers that the student has seriously breached one or more of these customs, practices or rules.

Do not chase the form; let it come to you

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Beginner Classes

New students will start by learning the Six and the Five Relaxing Exercises and later proceed to the 42 steps competition form. New students may find it difficult at first, to exercise the patience necessary to learn the exercises and, later, the early steps of the form, but will develop greater patience as they learn the exercises. It is imperative that students train diligently in this early stage and come to class eager to learn and apply themselves, as the exercises are essential to learning the Form. Without the Six and the Five, there is no Form, there would only be superficial movements. The students must feel free to ask questions and consult with the instructor in order to gain deeper understanding.

Advanced Classes

Senior students set examples to others and, when asked by the Master, assist in demonstrating/guiding the beginners. Senior students train and seek the inner meaning and moves of the form in order to excel. With respect to each other, the advanced and the beginner can share and learn from one another.

The Certification Exam

Examination is held at various points to certify formally the achievement of each student of a particular form. The examination is not compulsory, although it is strongly recommended for those who wish to pursue the deeper art. (See certification page)